Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Launch Fun Day

This afternoon we had the most wonderful time celebrating the Community Fun Day with our Church. I was able to tell many people about Sam's Heart, some of them bought books, others didn't.  Two people in particular God sent for me to talk to, and I could see that God touched their hearts through our discussion.  I am always amazed that when we are obedient and do as God asks, there is always a reward. 
You see it all depends on the attitude in which we approach a task.  God asked me to share Sam's Heart at the Fun Day.  If I went out to try and sell a bunch of books and try and make money God would know that my heart was not right before him.  Because I went to speak into lives and touch hearts, my reward and treasure are laid up in heaven waiting for me.  The book will sell itself, God will take care of that.  It is my job to share a message with joy.  That is what has called me to do.  So that is what I do.

I guess in the eyes of many my sale of a handful of books would seem like a small reward for the time I invested.  Why then does my heart beat with the rhythm of peace, and a simple joy at having reached the hearts that needed hope.  I must be strange I guess.  I have been called worse things.  I delight in being called strange for the sake of Jesus!

Here are some more highlights from our day:
 Sam helping me tell people about the book.
 Hold on Sam...
The chicken in the animal petting zoo had to learn to like Sam, he rarely let her go.

 Jack didn't stop all afternoon.  And he had pirate face painting! 
My wonderful husband, who supports me every step of the way.  He is growing a beard for Winter.  I love it :)

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