Monday, April 18, 2011

Holidays and Healing

Life is a little more relaxed for us on the school holidays.  Although we home school, routines are relaxed and much of what we do is unplanned and spontaneous.  Today we did some cooking and Jack got to use a sharp knife for the first time.  He was very careful and I was very proud of him.  He is certainly growing up quickly.  He will be 5 in just a few short weeks. 

The quiche turned out very well and both of the boys enjoyed eating knowing that they helped in preparing it.

During prayer time at church yesterday both Jack and Sam went up the front for prayer. Jack went by himself because he had a sore finger that needed to be fixed, and I carried Sam to pray for his new heart.  As we all gathered around and prayed together the boys joined in, and then at the end they let out a big 'Yeah Jesus, AMEN!"  It was awesome!  Then they were so involved, that they stayed up the front and prayed for all of the other people that needed healing too.  Close you eyes, and imagine Sam with his hand as high as he can go up someones leg, with his eyes closed praying for older men and women.  At the end the boys would clap and cheer, saying "Thank you Jesus."  I had returned to our seat, but they stayed.  As I sat there God spoke to me, "See how I live in their hearts.  They hear my voice and do what I say.  Look at the joy on their faces.  Look at the joy on my face."   

God does not look at age, experience or ability.  He looks deep into your heart and what he finds there he grows and nutures so that he can bring glory to himself. 

Just in case you are wondering.  Jack's finger is better, it no longer hurts.  And as for Sam's heart, I can trust and believe for that.  Can you?

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