Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What are we doing?

Time for another update:

Don's interview went really well today.  So well that they called him back within an hour of the interview and offered him a job.  The job is as an AME with GippsAero, at Traralgon, VIC. 

This means that we will be moving about 2 hours South.  And Don starts on the 16th April.

That means we are all about to get very busy.

The rest of this week Don will hopefully get some flying done.  While I pack and clean and get the house ready for rental inspections.  As our lease runs out in August, we need to find someone to take over our lease.  It is officially back on the market, as of now.  Anyone looking for a great little house in Yarra Glen?

This Saturday we will drive to Traralgon and find the home God has prepared for us to live in.  If you can believe it, I actually had a dream about it last night!

We have had encouraging communication with MAF recently, and they will make their decision on us continuing our application with them on Thursday. 

Once we have settled in and Don has a grasp of his new job, he will look at continuing his flying, followed by Bible College by distance in the next year.

At least that is the plan....

I only wish I  could explain to you how at peace we are with all of this.  On the outside it looks messy, but nothing could be further from the truth.  We want to thank each one of you for your love and prayers.  We look forward to embracing this new direction God has given us.

Interestingly enough, we have been praying for God to open a door.  And he did, just one. We asked Him to be obvious, because we are not good with hints.  We have only to this date received one job offer and it has been amazing to watch it all just happen with very little effort on our behalf.  Praise God with us for his amazing answer to prayer.


Nina said...

How exciting for you all! You know God has a perfect plan, already in place. Will keep praying for you all as this next season of life starts. xx

Noel and Catharine said...

Hi Don and Nicole. We want to encourage you to keep on with your journey and goal to work with MAF.

We've been there, but in different circumstances. We actually worked for MAF in Arnhem Land for a few years as part of our journey to work with SIL/JAARS in PNG - six years in the making.

It won't be the path you were hoping for or even expecting, but God is faithful and will see you though on HIS plan for you. Keep your goal in sight, and see what the Lord does - His plan may be different but you won't know if you don't try. And you'll learn an awful lot on the way.


Noel and Catharine Carpenter

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