Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Fog

Fog is all encompassing isn't it?  The last two mornings we have had very thick fog while driving Don out to the airport.  Fog so thick, that we can not see the rear lights of the car in front of us.  There is beauty in the fog and the way it lies across the terrain, but today I don't want to tell you about it's beauty as much as it's danger. 

When driving there were some cars that had not turned on their headlights.  We could not physically see them until we were face to face.  And what struck me the most is that our headlights were not so much for ourselves, they barely help in the fog, they were to warn others where we are there so that they too can keep safe.  By having our headlights on, we were a beacon of warning providing a sign to show how we travelled.

So it is when we are filled with Holy Spirit.

When God reigns in our lives, we are lights in the darkness, a beacon in the fog.  Sometimes the fog will be so thick that the light will do little to help you see where you are going. You may feel like you are wandering and cannot see far in order to know your path.  Still we keep moving, bit by bit revealing the next part of the road ahead.  And in the meantime our light shines to warn others that we are on the move, that we travel a safe path, and we provide a guiding light so that others can travel safely as well.  It allows the other drivers of this life to make choices about their own journeys.  And one day who knows they too may even choose to switch on their own lights and provide a bit of light for others as well.  Our little light shining in the fog may bring others to realise that they are traveling in the dark.

Today Don is flying his Commercial Pilot's Licence Test again.  We are having a farewell morning Tea at ACMA and Sam and I will continue to pack at home.  We can see the next little part of our path and we are going in with our lights blaring.  Let it be a warning to all who see, that we are not lost in the fog.

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