Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flying News

Today Don achieved his Commercial Pilot's Licence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you God.  

To celebrate here is some Ding Duck:

This comic is borrowed from here.

It is Sam's last day at Kinder tomorrow, Jack's last day on Thursday, and then we head over to our new town to get the keys for our new home on the hill. Mum and Dad Watson arrive on Saturday and we will be moving on Monday.

But for tonight we are celebrating God's favour and his faithfulness in bringing the end of the season here to such a wonderful end.  Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us.


GranPa said...

YES!!! Thankyou God and Goood on you Don!!! Very exciting.

Nicole Watson said...

Yeeha!! Not long until we give you cuddles now :)

Ally said...

Well done!! Great news.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Ally. How are you? We think of you and pray for you.

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