Friday, March 9, 2012

Goodbye Treasured Friend

Zoe Watson 1997-2012

When we moved to Victoria last year our two girls (dogs) went to live with Don's parents in Bundaberg.  It was hard to leave them behind but we knew we couldn't take them with us. 

This morning I found out that Zoe had to be put down two weeks ago, around the same time at Don failed his CPL for the second time.  Don's parents did not tell us at the time,as we were already struggling enough.  She was very old, and her time had come.

She was the most patient and loyal dog.  She always looked liked she was smiling.  She was a fierce watchdog and had a real mothering spirit, even though she had no pups of her own.  In fact she even took on a stray fox pup once and mothered him. 

Don bought Zoe a few years before we met and she has always been a part of our lives together.  She lived a long a wonderful life and boy, will we miss her.  Don doesn't know yet, I have to tell him when he gets home.

I have always said that we can learn much from dogs about love, and it is for this reason I believe that God gave them to us.  Goodbye treasured friend. xx


Nina said...

Oh how sad :( So sorry to hear of your loss, it is never easy to lose a treasured pet. x

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

So sorry your fur-baby is gone. We are so blessed by ours as well. Our first set of fur-kids left us a few years back, and I still miss them. My theology may be a bit shaky on this one, but there MUST be doggies in heaven! There simply MUST!!

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Nina x

Nicole Watson said...

I know what you mean about the shaky theology, and I have come to the same conclusion QOBS. They just have to be :)

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