Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking The Scenic Route

This weekend has seen us face many new challenges, so I thought it must be about time that I share them here.  As most of you know I blog to share our family life, to rally people to pray, and in the process I work things out with God, hoping to help others as well.

Our call to MAF is not going to take the path we originally thought. Over the last month any things have happened to bring about this change.  The two most pertinent being:

  • God has brought to Don' and my attention that it is not possible for Don to complete Bible College this year, as well as finishing the flying training.  For us to continue our course of action and do this is would all need to be completed this year, as otherwise we would have no income after that.
  • We received news on Friday that the cost of the remaining of the flying course has now increased by $6000-$10000.  This is when the door was finally closed to us following our present course of action.  God has closed the door. 

It is not the enemy.  We feel at peace.  At first we were disappointed, but as we waited on God and he spoke to our hearts we realised, this is His way.  And His way, is ALWAYS better then ours, no matter how it looks at the time.  We know God can miraculously supply the money needed and already we have had offers of people wanting to help. But we cannot, when we know it is not God's will that we do. 
For the last month, God has been talking to us about open doors, and the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 has been ringing out loud.  So we know now that God has closed this door, that another will shortly open. 

So what does this mean...

  • It means that we are still moving toward serving with MAF, but at a much slower rate.  WE have asked MAF to give us an indication on our suitability to serve with them, using the information they have (interviews, medical, psyche etc).  If this is favourable, then we will continue to pursue this calling. 
  • The open door we are waiting for is a job for Don.  We trust God that he has something ready somewhere, for him to go to.  It may mean that we need to move again. In fact it is highly probable.
  • Bible college will be completed by distance at Don's own pace.
  • Don will continue to fly now until he achieves his Commercial Pilot's License (CPL).  At this point he will cease flying at ACMA and just continue with Bible College until the end of Semester or until he finds work.

We have been through much this last weekend with all of this; first shock, then disappointment, then humility, then a sense of feeling lost.  So we just both held on tight and sat in God's lap listening to his heartbeat.  No profound sense of revelation came.  Just His steady heartbeat and then finally His amazing peace.  We know we have made the right decisions.  Now we just wait and act patiently for Him to point us in the right direction.

We have not failed.  In God's eyes, we have done all He has asked, and that makes us His obedient children.  He has blessed us here with great friends and an awesome church.  The people we have met have impacted out lives and we have impacted theirs.  That is what missions is all about anyway.  Even if this was the whole purpose to us being called to MAF, that is enough for me. 

We don't pretend to have this altogether, in fact we are more unsure of our future here than we have ever been.  But I know where my future is secure.  Jesus is building us a home in heaven and it is beyond what my mind can ever comprehend.  I know that when I see it, I will crumble at his feet and cry, because He knows me better than I know myself. We may not have much treasure left this side of heaven, but I know Jesus is storing up mine with Him. He sees our future and He knows what is to come.  And so we will trust Him now, as we always have and rest in the fact that he has plans to prosper and bless.

If you think of us, please pray for us in this time of endings and new beginnings. 

xx Nicole


Charlie said...

Right. That's it. I am going to stop dilly dallying around and make you guys top of the list for prayer! Praise God for His peace amongst the chaos! Ps 23 comes to mind ... It's popular for a reason!! Read it and dwell in it;-) Sam is also on my heart as I just read your blog about him not eating. Funny how I'm reading your book at the moment and you're talking about his difficulty eating and how it could affect him later on in life. Let's break that in the name of Jesus! We love you guys heaps and really value your friendship. Let's run this race together, spurring each other on for the kingdom, amen!

Rose Dee said...

All will be revealed. There's a plan and a purpose. Not one minute or one effort is ever wasted when you are in His plan. Thoughts and prayers with you as you go towards the next step.

God's Angel :-) said...

Hi Nicloe,

I am one of the nurses who looked after Sam! I just bought your book "Sam's Heart" and have been really encouraged and inspired by your testimony and faith. I want to bless you and your family - I pray that you will discover and know God's grace in the most amazing way, as you continue on your journey of faith!

Hope the following testimony encourages you as well:

Praying for you!!

Jo Wanmer said...

Sounds to me that you at right on track, moving when the cloud moves and until then waiting. As God led the Isrealites the loong route to their promised land so He could build relationship with them and reveal His glory, so may He lead you. Blessings.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks for your prayer Charlie. We feel really blessed to be surrounded by such great friends. Though what we are going through is naught in comparison to those who are in flood at the moment. Praise God the Jesus fights for us and prepares the way. xx

PS Thank you for caring for Sam. He has put on 600g in the last 12 months. There is nothing more I can do. God need to do the rest.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Rose. You are right, every moment in our lives has eternal meaning and purpose. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Hi God's Angel,

You truly are an angel! I am so excited and blessed to hear from you. Thank you for what you did for Sam. May God continue to bless you body, soul and spirit, as you serve him on the front lines. You played a part in giving Sam and hope and a future. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Jo, I so love your perspective. I will share this gem wit Don. xx

God's Angel :-) said...

Hi Nicole,

I have finished reading your book! Very excited for you and your family in your new journey and adventure!

Even though our professional boundaries will prohibit us from praying for patients at the bedside, I am praying and declaring and standing in agreement with you for Sam's complete and total healing, in Jesus' name! Amen!!

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