Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time For A Rant

Today I read an article which chilled me to the core.  The article discusses the possibility of post term abortion, yes killing a baby after it is born.  This is actually being considered/discussed/has crossed the mind of, those who inform and influence our politicians and country's leaders.  Read the article here.

This is insanity itself!  Here we are living at a time and in a nation that strives to have a family through IVF and similar programs.  A country which has a dilapidated and immensely difficult adoption system.  A country which has legalised the killing of children in the womb, and now it is being debated that we should be able to take the life of a new born babe. 

If you have baby pictures, go and find one of them.  Look closely at your young self and ask your self this question, 'Who looked after me?  Who nourished me?  Who kept me warm?  Who loved me?' 

You see we were all babies once.  I love the quote from Ronald Reagan that states, 'I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.'

The discussions in this article are evil in themsleves.  History repeats itself over and over.  All throughout time babies have bore the brunt of our our selfish wants and desires.  In this age, when we consider ourselves so enlighted and knowledgeable, it seems apparent to me that men of power have lost their hearts. The seeds of pride arrogance and self estimation are now in bloom, threatening to choke all morality out of the society in which we now live.  I am beyond tired of hearing truths twisted and broken for the sake of selfish motives. 

And here in Australia, the land of the brave and free, we have become mere shadows of our once strong and courageous settlers, men and women, who struggled and toiled to make this land great under God.  In settler days nearly every family lost loved ones, especially babies to sickness and disease.  How ashamed they would be of us, taking the lives of our own little ones.  Who will now speak for our children, who are being slain and then thrown away as 'medical waste'?

How long suffering is our God that he has mercy, when we should be struck down for our complacency.  How His heart must break as His treasured  babies, discarded for the sake of our own needs.  How many arms ache in our communities for the love of a child?  How many wombs lay barren, when parents hearts ache for the want of seeing a little one smile?

Please don't let an article pass your sight, a conversation pass you ears, a situation pass your hands without praying and then responding.  Your little prayer will move mountains and your little gesture, will change a life, maybe one that is yet to be, or maybe...

someone that you love.


Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

I read that article yesterday - and it saddened me, sickened me and angered me. I cannot fathom the mindset of those 'ethicists'. And I can't even begin to imagine the repercussions from 'aborting' a newborn. (I would love to know if they have children of their own, because I am certain that they would never dare make such an outlandish suggestion if they did).I hope and pray that something like this will never eventuate.

Nicole Watson said...

It is just too sad and horrific isn't it? The mindsets of some people are simply evil. So deceived are some of the respondants to the article that they actually have talked themsleves into believing they are helping the baby and parents.
Taking of life, forever changes a person in the very worst way.
Thank you for responding to this post Debbie.

Belle said...

Is there any mother in this world that could possibly do this after experiencing the elation of childbirth (through either ceasarean or natural delivery)? Any woman that can say 'yes' is NOT a mother. How any intellect can outway in their minds that good can come out of this, has, in my opinion, already comitted murder in their heart. But, only God is the great judge and judge us he will!

Belle said...

By the way, Hey there, Cocos, Great posts. How are things going? Hoping that things are settling down at your house. Hold on tight - the ride will be bumpy, but worth it all the same!! Be encouraged.

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