Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big Day and A Big Ask

I wanted to share with you some photos from Jack's first day of school, beginning Prep.  He had a fabulous day and happily chatted all of the way home. He was elated to have chocolate cake and milo for afternoon tea, and is almost ready to go to bed. 

Jack looks very handsome and grown up in his uniform. Sam had to be in almost all of the before school photos.  They are the best of buddies.

After we dropped Jack off at school Sam and I took a brisk walk to the bakery where he devoured a pink piggy meringue. Shhhh...don't tell Jack.

Sam is also fascinated with listening to tunes on my phone and has it on while we walk all over the countryside.  He sings out loud as we go, and gets the biggest smiles from passers by.

I am cherishing just having time with Sam.  It really is such a gift. 

On another note...

This month is Congenital Heart Disease Awareness month.  In an effort to raise awareness and funding, for every copy of Sam's Heart sold at for the month of Feb 2012, I will donate $5 to heartkids.  That is the profit I make from a sale.  I want to see Congenital Heart Disease become a distant memory. 

But I need your help.  I need you to spread the word, otherwise nothing will happen.  So far we have sold two books and raised $10. I am hoping and praying to raise a whole lot more and hand over a significant amount to Heartkids come March.  Will you help me make a difference for a child, a family, a generation.  Heartkids not only helps and supports families but they are directly involved in research to find a cure.


Time to make a dream a reality.


Crystal Mary said...

Your boys are beautiful. The first day at school..I cried when my first one started. Sam looks good, praise God! I am still waiting for his story to arrive. I bought it from Amazon in the U.S.
We are off to Thailand for 2 weeks on Sundays so the book should be here when I get home. Much love xx

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Crystal Mary. I almost cried as I walked away and left Jack. I hope your book arrives soon. Enjoy your holiday. I am sure you will come back refreshed for whatever God has for your next. xx Nicole

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