Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Than Dreams

Jack will be six in May.  His new adventures at school have seen him grow in ways that have surprised even me.  He has such a capacity for love and pours it out wherever he goes.  He is celebrating the fact that God has sent him a friend that 'knows Jesus'.  He loves to read and has got very excited recently about writing.  The other night at church, he decided to copy from the bible and copies sentences and then gets us to read them.  He was doing it again this morning before he went to school.  He does it with other books at times too.  God seems to have given him a real love for the Word.  Last night he shared with me that Jesus came to him again and showed him 'the brightness of heaven'.

'It shined Mum like gold and silver, and was so bright I couldn't tell.  Is it gold or silver Mum?'

'I don't know mate, I haven't been there. But you let me know when you find out ok?' 

'I wonder if it is white gold, the bible says the streets are made of gold. Jesus says, He has a house for me'

Wondrous silence

'He sure does Jack, he sure does.'

Sam is now conversating along with us.  He LOVES Kinder and counts the sleeps down.  He and I have a great time together at home cleaning, playing, cooking, sewing and whatever else we need to do. He is a story teller and tells us some of the most amazing tales.  He tells me stories of Jesus and the angels. He seems to be reasoning and learning truth as he speaks his stories.  For example

'Yast night, I sawed angels and they had BIG wings yike birds.  And there was a black crow bird and they chased him.  Then Jesus came and the angels flew round and yelled out songs. I was scared so I said 'Jesus said GO AWAY!' But it was ok, they were not baddies.  they were goodies, but they still looked big and a bit scary.'

'Wow, I think I would have been scared too.  But was everything OK in the end?'


I share these things to encourage you and increase your faith.  I do not say them to brag and be boastful.  My boys are still prone to disobedience and struggles,  They are not perfect and I will not pretend them to be.  God loves them anyway.  When I see how God teaches and loves my kids, it shows me how much he loves them and holds their future in His hands.  I hope that reading it encourages you also, in your own relationship with Jesus.

God is certainly not silent when we seek Him.  No matter how old we are.

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