Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't Wait Until Christmas

Over the past few days I have been reflecting on the gifts that I have been given this year, and the good news is that I didn't have to wait until Christmas to open them.  They have been scattered liberally throughout the year, by a God who is the most lavish and prolific giver of gifts.  He sees deep into the recesses of my spirit and he knows what I need and desire.  I want to share with you a sampling of the gifts that I have received with love this year.

New Mercy Everyday
Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. (Lam 3:23)

I know Jesus better now than I ever have and I love him more with each passing day, but I can tell you my faith and actions will never be perfect this side of glory.  I cannot count the amount of times I have made a royal mess of things this year-relationships, attitudes, actions and words I cannot take back.  Thankfully my God's forgiveness and faithfulness never end and his mercy is new everyday.  Nowhere on this earth will you find this kind of love and forgiveness, but in the arms of Jesus.

Another Happy and Healthy Year with my Family

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.(John 10:10)
This year we have had no hospital visits as inpatients.  We have had some patches of common illness, but we have been preserved from serious illness and injury, and I can tell you that I want to dance!  What a joy to celebrate 12 months of health and life with my family.

Amazing Friends and Family

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.(Prov. 27:9)

God has surrounded us with people who love and pray for us, laugh  and cry with us.  We thank God for this gift everyday.  Even though most of our married life has been spent many hours from family, God has always placed people who become our family wherever we venture.

God Given Opportunities

They will speak of the glory of your kingdom; they will give examples of your power.(Psalm 145:11)

There are too many to count but the release of Sam's Heart was something we would never have dared to dream. This combined with our call to Mission Aviation fellowship, have been life changing and have given us completely new direction for our lives.   God takes the impossible and makes it a life changing reality.

I wonder how God has astounded you with his gifts this year?  What could you give Him this Christmas that would bring delight to His heart and a smile to his eyes? 


Jo Wanmer said...

What a good God we have. Thanks for sharing Nicole.

mamamia said...

Our God is an awesome God! Thank you for the reminder of how liberally He blesses us.

Paula Vince said...

Wonderful gifts. Thanks for reminding us to keep our eyes and hearts open all year round instead of simply feeling 'entitled' at Christmas.

Ian and Danni said...

are they andrew and Liz's kids there?? If I am right they are SO grown up! xx

Nicole Watson said...

He is mighty Jo :) I am sure your life is full of His gifts also.

Nicole Watson said...

..He reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power and love, Our God is an Awesome God! Blessings mamamia.

Nicole Watson said...

I know what you mean Paula. God always gives us the right gifts in the season that we need them. x

Nicole Watson said...

Yes, Danni, they are the Jenkins. Amazing huh! Mind you, that precious little girl that you are carrying will grow quickly too. Hugs to you. x

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