Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Catching Your Heart

Today I had a conversation with Sam that I need to share.  Something that brought a grin to my lips and new curiosity to my spirit.  I was sitting at the computer, we had all just finished having lunch.

I sad Mum, I wanted to show Jesus my heart.  I lost my heart.

What do you mean darlin?  Jesus is looking after your heart.

No, I lost it, I really wanted to show Him.  Now it's gone.

Where has it gone?

It was up on my head, but I couldn't reach it.  I couldn't catch it and now it is gone.  I wanted to catch it and put it in my tummy, to show Jesus.

Absolute silence from me.

Suddenly he sees it, the heart, again.

I just watch him, as he jumps around trying to catch the heart.

He catches it on the floor, and then lifts up his shirt and puts the heart in his chest.

There, I got it.

He walks  away smiling to play with his brother.

Ok, so I am the first to admit that Sam has a very active imagination.  But I also know this is way outside of the realm of 'normal for him'. Did he receive some sort of visual promise from God, I can  believe that, because he speaks to me this way also. 

What a strange and beautiful walk that God has called us to, that my son can dance around the house catching his own heart.  That God talks to my children in ways that I am still to understand.  I am so honoured to be a mother, so honoured to be able to love these little boys


Jo Wanmer said...

Unless we become like little children we can never enter the Kingdom of God.Thanks for showing us the way today Sam.

Michelle said...

Oh wow! that is way too cute. Seriously a moment to treasure and share with him in a few years time.

Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

That is beautiful. God speaks to us in amazing ways - and also through children nonetheless. He spoke through my friend's 3 year old after our friends had suffered 2 miscarriages. Comforting and prophetic words that could only have come from our awesome God.

Such a moment to treasure.

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