Friday, December 16, 2011

A Crab Dinner

Yesterday I traveled to Lilydale in search of two crabs for our anniversary dinner this evening.  Crab is one of the things that Don and I love to taste and never have. Crab is just not available in Yarra Glen, there is no such luxury.  I returned home yesterday empty handed but ended up doing something else in town that is also a God story, which I shall keep for another day.I  have to tell you that we had a bit of a full on day today, I ended up at the doctor with a mild case of conjunctivitis (which I have not had since I was a child), Jack's kindy break up was on and Don had a big clean up day at ACMA.  He arrived home this afternoon after 5pm and we had nothing planned to celebrate our 11 years together.  So off to our local supermarket we went in search of something special for dinner.  As we wandered in, a gift was waiting for guessed it there in the deli department sat two blue swimmer crabs.  I almost danced with joy.  This is a deli that only ever has frozen seafood, a handful of prawns and a few fillets of fish, and today they had for sale two crabs.  Heaven heard the prayers of my heart and God provided for us a little taste of paradise.

God honoured the desires of my heart with a crab dinner.

Tonight we honoured Him as we delighted in each other.  We shared a meal with our children and all had communion together.  Jack even made sure we had a chair for Jesus. 

Simple, full of love and sprinkled with blessing from our God. 

Thank you God for the 11 years that I have shared with my husband.  He is truly a blessing to me in every way.


Nina said...

Beautiful Nicole! Wow is all I can say. Congratulations, God's blessing is upon you all.

Paula Vince said...

Wow, beautiful big ones too. He doesn't just answer, He provides the best!

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Nina. Happy Christmas and God's blessings to you also. x

Nicole Watson said...

These weren't the actual crabs Paula, but yes they were about this size. Hugs xx

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