Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Anticipation

We love to celebrate Christmas in our home.  Our Christmas tree goes up sometime in November and gifts begin appearing under the tree soon after.  We delight in remembering Jesus in this way, and the excitement that comes with the celebration.  I am aware that people celebrate Christmas in many different ways but this is a valued part of our family's celebration. It's not that the gifts are extravagant but it is the expectation that builds while waiting, that quickens the heart and sharpens the spirit, while warming the soul.

I love the excitement and anticipation that comes in the lead up to giving and opening those blessings.  For weeks before our children long to receive and open their gifts.  Over time they learn to be patient and wait, even though it is difficult to contain their excitement.  And the surprise on Christmas Day is always worth the wait. 

Our society does not like to wait for anything. We have a become a people who watch on demand, and look for instant gratification of our desires.  I love that this little part of our Christmas tradition calls on us to have patience and wait.  Because there is much in the life of faith that is all about waiting.
We wait in anticipation for the return of our King Jesus.  We wait for Him with great excitement building in our hearts.  The bible counsels us to not grow weary in waiting but look forward to the day of our great reunion.  Oh, what delight awaits us all on that day!  The day that we get to look upon the face of the one who saved us.

And what is anticipation?


When I gaze upon the star that adorns our tree, I behold in my minds eye Jesus returning triumphant and bright in splendor.

When I see the presents under the tree, I remember that God's presence is with us always. Emmanuel 'God with us'.

The glitter of lights and twinkle of glistening decorations reminds me of God's glory that rests upon us, by the power of Holy Spirit.

Yes, HOPE is renewed at Christmas. The flame of of my steadfast faith is fanned at Christmas and I feel my spirit not only remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus, but also His imminent return to embrace His people.

May each one of you be at peace this Christmas and make many new memories to take with you into the New Year.


The Imperfect Housewife said...

A great post. Something to think about.

Nicole Watson said...

Thanks for visiting. God bless you and merry Christmas.

Rose Dee said...

So true Nicole. It's a NOW world. There's a reason for the saying 'Patience is a virtue'. It's because of all we learn and gain while waiting. Sending love to you and your family this Christmas.
PS - I get it all out in November too. We love the build up as well.

Nicole Watson said...

Merry Christmas Rose. I'm glad to hear that there are some other celebration early birds out there ;)

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