Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Measure of Excitment

You would think I would be quite downcast about what is coming in the next month, but today the opposite has been true.  Today we have been flooded with a barrage of blessings, all designed and sent as divine gifts that only God could know would bring great joy to my heart.

The first of those gifts was collecting the enrollments for Sam's Kindergarten at the Longreach Childcare centre and them being so supportive in Sam starting whenever he is ready (mid year or before). He is excited about Kindy and knows he can begin as soon as he is well recovered from his operation.  This gives him a goal to look forward to, and gives me a glimpse of the future he is going to enjoy.

Them today we talked a little more about the surgery to come and even discussed the fact that they are going to make his chest smooth and remove the lump that has formed on the sternum where the bone has over healed.  He was distressed at this at first and then got excited because he and Jack will have the same chest. It was really precious how the talked about it and compared chests. 

Don arrived home from work to tell me that his employers and our friends Ben and Anna have offered to let us stay at a house while we are in Brisbane.  Apparently it is a beautiful home on the river which we are able to stay and have family to stay also, as it will be vacant the whole time we are there.  It is apparently not too far from the hospital. This is such a tremendous offer of generosity and we are so humbled and blessed.  This would save us a considerable amount of money and give us house to call home and relax when away from hospital. Isn't God just amazing in his kindness.

And the most recent blessing for today was that Sam has outgrown a pair of shorts that were made for him only three months ago! Sam has put on very little weight for so long.  In fact one kilogram a year is not rare.  In the last three months Sam has grown in weight by almost a kilogram and no longer fits his home made boxer shorts. Yeeeha! 

These were the treasures that I found strewn upon the walk of life today and I can tell you I feel richer than I have for some time.  Little by little, one step at a time. Trusting and looking to God for all he has for us in the good times and the bad.  Just like little children.

...“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children. (Mark 10:14)


GranPa said...

Wahoo!!! Awesome.

Nicole Watson said...

Haha Gran, you made these shorts and he has out grown them. How cool is that :)

Anonymous said...

I can only be excited for you all and proud at the same time that you stay so focused and trusting. Fantastic news and thanks to our God above.

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you for joinigng in our happiness. As for being focused and trusting, I guess we have had plenty of practice. Though many days are still a struggle, we make the most of every day x

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