Wednesday, January 30, 2013

18 Days to Go

Today Sam and I spent more time talking about his upcoming catheter and surgery.  He wakes up every morning and ask me, 'Is today my test?' and then follows with questions like:

 'Will Dr Gooi be there?'
  'Can I watch TV there?'
 'Are we going on the plane now?'
 'Can we bring the ant farm?'
'Will we go to the dinosaur museum?'
'Do I get to lie on the white bed,
 with the white pillow, that has paper on it?'

He is very impatient about wanting it all over so he can go to Kindy.

In an effort to show him that we are not just going to a check up, we looked at some photos today of another little boy who is going through what we must in a few short weeks.  His name is Jason and you can follow his journey here.  He is younger than Sam, but as I follow their story and pray with them, it is also helping us prepare for what is to come. So we looked through some of the photos together of this darling little boy going in for his catheter. 

I showed Sam a photo of the inside of the cath lab with the doctors and nurses preparing the equipment.  We looked at a photo of them putting the little boy to sleep with the breathing mask and how the doctors and nurses were all dressed.  In this photo the little boys mum was also dressed in scrubs and stayed with him while he drifted off to sleep.  We saw that the little boy had a sats probe on his finger and a blood pressure cuff on his arm.  We talked about how he will also have a drip in his arm. He asked many questions:

'Is the Mum a doctor, why is she dressed like that?'

'Will it hurt?'

'That little boy is a baby, and I'm a big boy.
Will I have to wear a nappy?'
'Will you be there with me?'

And then as quickly as he began he ended with:

'Can I have a chocolate biscuit now?'

I spoke with Jack's teacher today about the next few months and what it may mean for Jack as well. There is only 18 more days until Sam and I leave for Brisbane.  We are making the most of enjoying our home and family and praying that we all remain well (there is a very nasty gastro bug going around town). 

Jack preparing his lizard enclosure.

Sam chilling out indoors while it's 40C outside.

Sometimes I long for a life that is less complicated and less challenging.  And then I look at these faces and realize that without the life we have, none of us would be who we are. I just have to trust that God has it all in hand and let my heart be filled with hope for the future, faith in God and love that knows no bounds.

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