Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More About the Catheter and Pending Surgery

Today I was contacted by the Care Coordinator from the the Catheter Lab at the Mater Hospital.  As the call progressed I felt the nausea rise up inside and threaten to form a lump in my throat.  The facts:

Sam's diagnostic (pressures and sematics), and possible interventive (stent in pulmonary artery) catheter is scheduled for Wednesday the 20th February.

We will probably fly out on Sunday the 17th February and arrive in Brisbane and have to find some way to the hospital staying in Ronald McDonald House overnight.

Instead of pre-admission Sam will be admitted directly two days prior on the Monday by lunchtime.  This is due to him being on warfarin and he may need to be put on a Heparin drip leading up to the procedure.  I will be staying with him on the ward.

After the catheter he will need to be in hospital another 1-2 days to reinstate his INR levels.

In essence what is supposed to be a day procedure or sometimes an overnight experience will be more like a week in hospital. In this time I will be with him on the ward.

Following that the results from the catheter will be taken to surgical conference and whether Sam is a candidate for the Fontan will be established.

Surgery may be possible within one to two weeks following this conference.

This means we may be able to stay down on the coast until the Fontan is done and dusted (insert more nausea here).

Don and Jack will come to Brisbane for Sam's surgery after the Catheter.  Jack will have a few weeks off school and hopefully can take some work with him to do.  Don will take leave without pay, because we have not been here long enough for Don to have accrued sufficient leave after the mandatory Christmas holidays (insert more nausea and silent prayer here). Rent, bills, ability to eat and provide for family-only God knows. 

In between the catheter and surgery we are hoping to escape to the Sunshine Coast for a week or so (staying with family), to break the hospital time, recover and rest.

I would be lying through my teeth if I told you I wasn't worried.  I have no idea how it will all work, how I will go leaving half of my family here and being strong enough to support Sam in what I know he will hate.  I hate it, how can I expect anymore from him?  And yet, I will fight the tight knot in my throat that has formed this afternoon form one phone call and bury the thoughts focusing on Christmas to come.  A time or fun celebration and hope.  We can always use more hope. 

God is bigger than any giants we have to face.
God is bigger than any giants we have to face.
God is bigger than any giants we have to face.

I whisper it over and over again to calm the anxiety in my heart.

On a lighter note, the local day care has  a Kindergarten program and has been very supportive in allowing Sam to commence Kindergarten mid year, next year.  He has been looking forward to Kindy all year, and although it will be delayed it will be worth the wait. I know he will be thrilled with that and I can use it to encourage him as they put in cannulas and take his blood.   You might think that sound harsh but they are my true thoughts and what I think about ahead of time to help my little boy.

For those who follow this blog and pray for us, thank you.  I know you read even though you don't leave a comment (thought they would be nice at times).


Anonymous said...

I know this sounds strange, but all I could think of was the Veggie Tales song "God is bigger than the boogie man..."

Anonymous said...

You might like the website hart classics dot com. The originals hang in Fl hospital and nearly knocked my socks off. I had to buy the chief of surgery because it was so neat.

Anonymous said...

I can really feel the strains you and Don are going through, there is never a day that you are not in our thoughts. I encourage you to keep strong, and I know our precious little Sam is in huge arms that are looking after him. Love to you all.

OurGangof7 said...

I'm a few days behind in reading blogs and hope that you have had a lovely christmas despite your worrying times.

I wish that I was closer and could lend a hand or a hug or whatever was needed for you at this time.

My thoughts are with you all!!!


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