Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Warm Christmas

Christmas was warm in more ways than one this year.

Warmth came from visiting our family in Mount Isa.  My heart was warmed to see them after so many years and when we met two of their beautiful children whom we had never met.  And to laugh and chat and have fun together. 

Warmth came from the intense heat of the weather and we sought relief and fun in many ways including water sliding, the river and air conditioning. 

We found warmth in smiles, cuddles and new found relationships with cousins who are now friends after so many years of simply speaking on the phone.  The boys now feel linked to their cousins in  new and special way.

Warmth came from watching my children enjoy the Christmas season hearts filled with excitement, giving and receiving gifts and learning new things. Making memories to keep close forever. These memories will serve us well and we shall pack them into our luggage when Sam has to go to hospital in February.

Maybe that is part of why Christmas was such a special time for me. I wanted to leave all of what is going to happen in this new year with Sam's surgery behind and enjoy our time together.  Each moment is precious, the smiles, the hugs, the squeals of excitement, because I do not and cannot hold time too tightly in my fist.  Not one of us know how much time we have here and so our family has learned not to take any of those moments for granted.  This is amplified due to Sam's upcoming surgery. People tell me not to worry, and they are right.  They tell me 'Sam is strong' and he will do great, and he may.  But in essence we have no control over these things.  The only things that is sure to me and never changes is God.  And so I cling to Him and His promises.  And I thank God for each of you, that He has given me each of you to love, encourage ad pray.

So I hope you had an exceptionally warm Christmas, so that when cold, grey days some, the light of that warmth will glow strong in your heart.

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