Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Warrior Never Rests

Our battle with Sam and his heart are more than a book to us.  The life that we have been called to is not chosen by me, and is not easy. Most people read the book "Sam's Heart" and are left with a sense of prevailing hope and faith, and I am glad because that is it's message.  However I also want people to understand that our battle is not over and until the trumpet sounds in victory, we can never rest and let our guard down.

It is true that I can rest in the promises of God yes, but resting in God does not mean throwing your shield and sword aside and laying idle in waiting.  You see we battle daily both in body and spirit against all manner of resistance and struggle.

In his body Sam has always struggled to gain weight.  It has been almost a year now since he has gained any weight.  Because of God's mercy and grace Sam has been  healthy and free from illness for most part of the last 18 months.  And for this we are thankful beyond measure.  He runs small distances but I sometimes notice increased breathlessness when he speaks and eats.  At his last review we were told that the valve in his heart is leaking more than the doctors would like.  Still he runs, climbs ,and strives to keep up with his brother.

Spiritually Sam speaks often of Jesus and the angels.  He tells me of the times when God speaks to him at night. Worship music is Sam's delight.  He has also had many encounters recently with 'dark ones' that come to him.  He has recently had to deal with that interference as well, and God is teaching him to be brave and courageous.  It is no mistake this is happening now so close to his review with the doctors.  Laugh if you wish, call us crazy, but this is the reality of life for our family. 

This battle is not over for us.  We cannot breathe a sigh and then go back to our normal lives.  This is our normal life.  Just like the hundreds of other families walking the same path we move forward each day with hope in our hearts, for we dare not embrace anything else.  There is a difference for us though we have peace in the midst of it, knowing that despite the challenges, the victory is won! 

Sam came running to me this afternoon wearing his little green gumboots, grasping a handful of sunny yellow dandelions, 'Mum, Mum, I love you!'

God, if today was only made for me to hear those words, I thank you.  I thank you for Sam's life that you have breathed your love upon Him and made him dance this side of Heaven.  And we will shout it out loud for all to hear.  How merciful you are!


Dorothy Adamek said...

'We cannot breathe a sigh and then go back to our normal lives. This is our normal life.'

Wow! I know many families where life is a different 'normal' to what they expected. It's always a privilege to read of their strength and reliance on God! Thanks for sharing your, Nicole. :)

Nicole Watson said...

Writing for me, is as much about sorting my own heart and head as it is about sharing with others. Truly I am certain that each family faces their own trials and seasons of uncertainty. We all have something to share, to uplift and encourage. I only have to read your blog Dorothy to find a friend on a journey of faith.

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