Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Last Week in Longreach

Well, the week is upon us, once again. This Thursday we leave for our new home in Highfields Toowoomba. The truck is coming on Tuesday to pack us up, with all of our household goods leaving on Wednesday.  Our family is going to camp in our house, with our sleeping bags and esky. We are saying goodbyes, enjoying our last times with our new friends, who we hope will continue to be old friends.  We are not done in Longreach, there is just so much to see and do in this place in the surrounding areas.  We know we will be back to visit someday in the future.

There is much to look forward to in the coming weeks. Our trip to Toowoomba will be via Bundaberg, and The Sunshine Coast, to visit with both of our families. Don will continue on to Toowoomba and leave the rest of us at the coast for a few days. We move into our new home on the 24th May. Don will be staying in a motel in Toowoomba for the first week of work, provided by Boeing.  We truly are blessed by all of the help they have given us in relocating. We will be visiting the school with Jack on the 23rd and he will commence at Highfields State School on the 27th May. The local Avon Sales Manager is excited to have me moving to the area, and will recommence business once we settle in a little.

Sam is looking forward to going back to Kindy, as he has now had a good break after his surgery and is doing better than he ever has before. Both the boys have a cold at the moment, but I have noticed a marked difference in Sam's ability to fend off the sickness, and his recovery is now about the same time as Jack. Once Sam begins Kindy I will look at doing some teaching supply work once a week in the local area.

We are really looking forward to seeing old friends and new ones too.

When God spoke to us in Melbourne about bringing us back home and pouring out his blessing, we would never had imagined it would look like this. This last year we have waited and are just so thankful for all he has done.
Jack enjoyed celebrating his 7th birthday this week.

The lounge has been sold and camping in our house is fun....for now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move!

rahmi fadhli said...

Saya dari indonesia.. salam kenal yah.. semoga sukses.:)

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