Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time to Celebrate Jack

Tomorrow my son Jack will be seven. I am so honoured to have him as my son. While Sam is often the centre of attention both good and bad, for reasons outside of his control, Jack is his constant companion. He is never bitter, always full of love, compassion and feels deeply. He is observant and kind and likes to laugh. He thinks deeply and reasons with the thoughts in his head and the feelings in his heart. He is tall and strong and likes to move fast, taking risks and keeps striving even after failure. His room is often declared disaster zone, as he must have everything where he can see it and his collections fill the shelves of his room. Rocks, bones, models, shells, bugs, coins and stamps all find their pride of place in Jack's domain. One minute he is joking about farting in the bath and the next he is telling me all about his aspirations for the future and what Jesus has told him lately.
It has hurt me often lately that people look past Jack to see Sam. I know it hurts him at times also, yet not once have I seen him angry because of it. And so we have always made a conscious effort to lavish love upon them both equally, because I can honestly tell you that they both make my heart sing immeasurably. Both of my boys have a zest for life that is insatiable, finding joy on the darkest of days.
And so tomorrow is for Jack, to celebrate all that he is and all he is growing to be. Happy birthday my little mate. A little mate who now reaches my chest in height and wears my socks. He is my first born son and holds a very special place in my heart.

Jack, 5 months old.

Jack, 1 year old, riding Bruno.
Jack, 2 year old, when Sam was born.
Jack at 3 years old, growing his own vegetables.
Jack at 4 years old, with Tweety.
Jack at 5 years old with his best mate Sam.

Jack at 6 years old. He loves lizards.

Jack, almost 7, with so much love to offer the world all wrapped up in the whirlwind that he is.


Lesley Turner said...

Hi Nicole. What a wonderful article you've written about Jack. Indeed it is time to celebrate him. I would like to wish him a happy birthday for tomorrow. He certainly is a special boy, just as you and Don are special parents, and of course we can't forget Sam. You are all such an inspiration and it has been a pleasure to join you in your journey for these last few months. Many blessings to you all and a special blessing for Jack on his birthday. I'm pretty sure the choirs in heaven will be singing happy birthday to Jack tomorrow. Warmest regards, Lesley Turner

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday big boy!

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