Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Game Changer

Sam turned to me, 'I fish (wish) I could go play tiggy with those kids.'
He stared longingly at Jack running full speed with the other year one kids before school. Like a bunch of wild lorikeets the kids were tearing down the wooden ramps hanging from the bars, sprinting across the school yard in the icy morning air.

'I know honey, but they are really rough and a bit too fast for you. Maybe you can play with Jack at home later.' My heart ached for him, because of the desire he had to play. I worried for his safety. Inside I agonised about him being hurt or pushed over, treated unfairly because he can not run so fast. Kids can be ruthless when being competitive. We are new to the school the kids don't know Sam, don't know about his heart. I began to think forward to him starting Prep school next year and how he would go with all of the other kids. As my heart felt his sorrow, I suddenly realised he no longer stood beside me.
Sam was sprinting (in his own special way) down the ramp to join in the fray and I stood rooted to the spot forcing myself not to call out. He had made the decision and every part of the Mummy in me wanted to stop him. In the raucous din  I heard Holy Spirit whisper 'No, let him go'.

In the next few minutes I witnessed the most amazing transformation. The whole group of 10 or more year ones welcomed him, and let him chase them.  Then they completely changed their game so that Sam could join in. They would draw close to him and then dart away as he roared at them like a T-Rex.  And I watched him run and laugh and never stop until the bell rang for class to start. Instead of being the outsider, the one struggling to keep up, he became the centre of their game. His own little personality and his determination to play changed the game for good.

We need to do that to you know. Though we are afraid, we need to run on in reaching for what God has planned out for us. And part of that is never being the same again, seeing the game changed because we dared to trust for bigger things.

Always learning, always growing each day in every way.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes biting your tongue as the mom is the hardest thing. Hubby bought my son rollerblades. I couldn't watch or get all uptight!

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