Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sam's Heart Review

Sam was crazy excited to be on the plane to Brisbane. I think pictures speak louder than words at times.

It's bitter sweet really our trip to Brisbane.  On the upside we get to see Mum and Dad (Grandad and Granny), see the river and the green grass, glimpse the ocean and have a little break away.  And then of course we have the hospital visit. 

It was a good appointment.  The staff really made us all feel special and Sam was really happy to see Dr Gooi again.  Yesterday before we left Longreach Sam was given a new stuffed giraffe toy that he had been eyeing off for weeks at the Post Office.  When the women serving saw how much he loved it, she gave it to him as a gift.  Sam named his new friend- Dr Gooi.  So Dr Gooi came with us on the plane and met the man he is named after.

Sam's heart function is unchanged.  His oxygen saturations at rest are 86 and 76 when active.  His blood pressure is spot on and and he is growing in height, though not much weight.  His ECG was right for his condition and his echo showed the same heart function as the one before. After discussion it was decided that Sam will be scheduled for his diagnostic heart catheter in the early new year.  At this time they may also put stents in his lung arteries as they are slightly narrowed.  Apparently this happens with many heart kids with his condition and doing the stents pre-surgery is a much better option as it provides the best possible outcome for the Fontan procedure.  A few weeks after Sam's catheter, he will return to Brisbane again for the Fontan procedure to complete the circulation in his heart. 

Is is what I wanted to hear? No.  Is it what is best for Sam? Yes, in his current condition. When Sam has the Fontan completion he will be considered pink, no longer blue.  It means he may have much more energy. It means his appetite will likely improve.  It means that he will grow and start school with a higher level of stamina.

While I am here in Brisbane surrounded by such wonderful people who are encouraging and full of care, I think 'I can do this.  This is what is best for Sam.' But I know that when I go home and I see him playing and swimming and having fun, it will hit me that I don't want him to go through it.  All of the children I saw today at the clinic shouldn't be there, but like us they have to be.  Because we will do all it takes to give our children every opportunity to live a full and active life.

Is God still on His throne? Yes, He is.  But he is also right beside us, holding our hands, strengthening our resolve, increasing our faith. And you can be guaranteed that today only serves to make me pray more fervently not only for the miraculous, but more than that.  I am praying that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  For it is easy to receive a miracle and walk in healing, but it takes faith like a giant to walk through the fire and not be burned.

Please pray with us:

That Sam will continue to good health in the lead up to all that must occur. 
That the arteries to his lungs will be opened and not require stents.
That we will know God's perfect peace about all that is to come.

Have I given up on God to do the miracluous? NO! But I choose to leave it all in his hands.

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