Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Dearly Loved Home For Sale

As of yesterday, our home is for sale.  It's great how we have such a sense of peace about this and how every time a doubtful thought comes, it is quickly dismissed.  I find the times when doubts come is when we focus on the situation at hand and take our eyes off of God.

You can check it out on here.

One step at a time is the key I think.  It can be all too overwhelming if we look too far forward. Our first step is to sell our home.  While doing this we are in contact with the Bible College of Victoria and MAF to apply for the courses that Don needs to do.  If we are able, it would be good to start college at the beginning of next year (Early Feb).  However it is all in God's timing, as we need to sell our home to fund Don's training.  We know God has planned this timing and so now we just need to keep a listening ear open to him and take our cares and requests to him.

I wonder if you would pray with us for finding the right buyer for our home, the person God has picked out.  I wonder if you could pray that they will offer a fair price.  I wonder if you will pray with us that the application to the College will go smoothly and according to God's timetable.  Pray for our children and for us, as we deal with alot of change.

We are currently going through all of our belongings and selling and giving away many things we don't know need.  It is both an exhilarating and difficult process.  It is quite amazing they way God is using the things no longer need.  People who have real need are being bought to our attention and we know they are meant to have certain things.  It is really quite fun.  Because we will be moving interstate, we are trying to take only the important things with us.

We already have an inspection tomorrow morning, so who knows it could all happen much faster than we think. 

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