Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stop Wait Go?

A few weeks ago we heard a message at church based on:


For those of you who have been following our little trip down to Victoria, Don's flying and our calling, that is what I am typing about.

When we heard the message God told Don and I two different things as we were in very different places.
Don was told to stop.  Stop and listen.  To be content with where he was and what has been achieved, trusting God to work out the details in His time.
I was told to keep waiting.  I was enjoying my wait.  We have moved around MUCH in the last few years and waiting and living was something that I was happy with.  I like that Jack is doing well in school, that Sam is loving Kinder, that we have found and are making new friends with our church family.  I like that I could just be a 'normal' housewife here and write a book or a novel in my 'spare' time.  I like that, and that's OK isn't it?  To like being settled for a time?
Well Don took notice and stopped. I remained waiting and now God is placing a new direction in our hearts.  Don has applied for a job that in all honesty seems to be tailor made for us.  It will mean another gigantic move for us.  If you are a Mum, just think about that for a minute....
and another minute...

The positives are:

We are almost certain it is what God wants.

It will mean Don will fly and engineer as a part of his everyday work, therefore increasing his flying hours and experience.

It is in QLD, closer to family and friends.

It is in the outback, which we have always loved.

The challenges are:

We think it may be a quick move.

We still have six months left on this lease.

It will mean using what is left of our savings and therefore I must let go of the dream of someday owning our own place again.

It means Jack will have been to three schools in his Prep year.

We always knew God would not close the door on Don's flying, without opening another.  So for now we need to ask you to pray with us, seriously.  You know us.  You know how if God says go, we go.  Well, we need you to pray for his provision for us.  To sort out all of the details (and He has already started) because when I try, it hurts my head.  One thing I can tell you, is that we are excited.  Excited because this opportunity is an answer to prayer.

 I was pretty angry with God last week.  I think most of the valley below heard our 'discussion'.  I wanted to know why we were in this place?  Why I had to be dragged around the country chasing a dream that didn't feel like mine anymore?  Why I could never live close to family and those we loved?  That's right, I am not a quiet little wife that sits in the background.  God didn't make me that way, but He knows my heart and that I love Him.  He took my hoarse scratchy voice, my tears and my flu, then when I was completely wrung out,  He just held me.  There were no words just his arms.  That is why I know this new opportunity is a gift from Him.   

This weekend I am also speaking briefly at the Victorious Women's Conference in Traralgon, VIC. No wonder the battle was so intense in the previous week.  So if you have a few spare moments on Saturday morning about 9.30am, remember me in your prayers.

Thank you friends.



Do we stop, wait or go?

For those who read their bible, this is the scripture God has given us:

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. 13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.  I will be found by you,” says the Lord. “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and will bring you home again to your own land.” (Jeremiah 29:11-14)


Jo Wanmer said...

Wow! May God's will be worked out in your lives. God told me once, in His firm tone, that He works all things for good in everyone's lives - even little kids who keep moving school!
I am about to present part of a talk reminding us that we, like the bread of communion, are chosen, blessed, broken and given. We too are His body. You guys seem to be at the 'given' stage! Blessings

Nicole Watson said...

Thank you Jo for your encouragment, it means spades to me today. xx PS I am so glad God does everyting so well, and that I am not in control.

Nina said...

Praying for you guys Nicole. Your honesty and your heart for God are an inspiration. xx

Nicole Watson said...

Hugs Nina. I appreciate your prayers. You inspire me too you know. x

Paula Vince said...

I always appreciate your honesty, Nicole. I'll be thinking of you this Saturday, and I share your feelings regarding the end of savings and relinquishing the dream of home ownership. Sometimes casting our minds back in what could have been if not for other choices we made can be a challenge, can't it?

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