Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Official

It's official:

Don has been offered and has accepted the job with Longreach Aircraft Maintenance in Longreach, QLD.

Thank you for all of your prayers over recent days.

Don's new job will entail both aircraft maintenance and flying.  The aircraft that he will be flying are like those below.

This job is really amazing for Don, because it means that he will have the opportunity to build up his flying hours as a part of his job.  We will not have to pay for his flying.  It also means that we will be closer to all of our family and back in the warm/hot QLD weather.  The children are excited about the move.  We all sat down to talk about it last night and pray together.  Sam is excited about swimming and Jack is excited about eating ice-creams and a new school.

We are able to move and start the new job at any time.  We have to find someone to rent the home we are currently leasing, before we can leave.  This is where we really need your prayers.  I am sure that if God wants us there, He will make a way. 

Our call to serve with MAF has not been forgotten.  As previously discussed, our path is more of a scenic route.  It may be ten years before we come to that place.  That is in God's hands.  In the meantime, Don will be using the valuable new skills he has acquired while we have been in Victoria, and God loves the people of Longreach, just as much as those in Gove or PNG, or anywhere else.  So we will continue to follow where his footsteps lead us.

Ahhh, sunny QLD weather here we come!  God has heard the cries of my heart.


Heart n Soul said...

We shall be in the same state, where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next - well most of the time anyway!! All the best with your move :)

Footprints Australia said...

Don't forget to let me know your new address (when you have it) so I know where to send your Footprints magazines to!

Praising God that He has provided your hubster with this job.

Nicole Watson said...

Yes, we will back in Sunny QLD. Looking forward to warmer days.

Nicole Watson said...

I will Janet, thanks for the reminder. And yes, I am so happy for Don and of for all of us.

Ally said...

We know a missionary couple in Longreach, their names are Steve & Lorraine Cavill. As far as I know they go to the Baptist church. He works with aircraft too. I can give you their contact details if you are interested.

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Ally, yes, we have just made contact with the Cavill's today. I can't believe you know them as well! They even mentioned you in one of their emails, and that they are praying for you. When we know Jesus, the world seems smaller somehow. xx

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