Sunday, February 24, 2013

Imagine for a moment...

Imagine for a moment...that your child has a disease that cannot be healed or restored by human hands, yet. 

Imagine for a moment...watching your child a little more carefully than you usually would, being careful to protect them from further harm, because they do not deserve any more pain. But in the same breath forcing yourself to let them live freely and not be inhibited by what they cannot do, instead empowered by what they can do.

Imagine for a away any dreams you had for your own career or life.  Putting aside your own ambitions and having your path redirected to a place that you wouldn't wish on any other human being.  The place where you have to watch your child endure that which you would gladly carry yourself in their stead.

Imagine for a moment...having the reality of pondering on whether your child will become a young man or woman. As many of their young friends do not have the opportunity and lose the battle this side of heaven.


Imagine for a moment...that God truly is God and is real beyond your wildest imaginings.

Imagine for a moment...that God loves you and gave you promise for your son.  The promise of a future that is steadfast and true. A promise in complete polar opposite of your worst fears.

Imagine for a moment...that you find that the life that has been mapped out for you, though painful, is more fulfilling and life changing than what you ever could have planned.

The place you have just imagined is where I live. 


Mary Hawkins said...

Another amazing post, Nicole. I do not know the dreams you've had to put aside but I do know you are exercising a wonderful ministry by the way you share your heart and faith in our awesome God with us. He alone knows where your testimony will fly to whoever HE wants it blessed by, challenged by, used how and where HE will to increase our own faith in him as a loving Heavenly Father. Thank you for your faithfulness in this ministry.

Nicole Watson said...

Hi Mary, Thank you for your encouragment. It is good for my soul. I guess when our dreams become God's dreams then everything is as it should be.

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